Contact Automation at the ERA D2C Convention

By Casey Fisher on 9/28/2016

Contact Automation had the chance to exhibit at the ERA's D2C Conference this September in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Why taking the "boutique approach" can make your business more efficient

By Casey Fisher on 2/22/2016

There are a number of differences between small, boutique call centers and their vast counterparts, although at first glance they have many of the same capabilities on paper. Many people believe that bigger is better - however, as many companies (especially large corporations) have come to find out, bigger definitely doesn't always mean better. In fact, often times the "little guys" are able to perform circles around some of the big-name call centers. So before you write off the boutique centers, check out a few of the advantages that they have over the "big guys".

Using Live Agent and Automated Surveys to Increase your Company's Revenue

By Casey Fisher on 2/22/2016

Understanding your customers is one of the keys to increasing your overall revenue; whether it's finding out what they want, what problems they have, or showing them ways that you can help them easier achieve their own goals, it is always ideal to know your target audience. 

Manage your Incoming Calls more Efficiently

By Casey Fisher on 1/11/2016
One of the major challenges that companies face once they hit a certain size is the amount of inbound phone traffic they receive. Whether it's customer service, sales, career opportunities, or any number of other reasons, people are calling your business because they have something specific they want addressed. The issue that you then face is "How do I manage all of these different requests efficiently?" The answer is so simple, yet some people are unaware of how drastic of a difference it makes.

How to Make the Most of your Customer Relationships

By Casey Fisher on 1/11/2016
Every good business person knows that the key to success is keeping your customers happy and repeatedly coming to you with their opportunities. Giving them the option to have their voice heard is the number one way to do that; customers love knowing that their opinions and experiences matter. That's one of the reasons why surveys are so important to businesses. However, it's imperative that they are completed properly to ensure that your customers' time and your money aren't wasted. 

How to Ring in the New Year with Better Customer Retention

By Casey Fisher on 12/14/2015
It's no secret knowledge that companies save copious amounts of money by retaining their current customers instead of replacing them with new ones. That's a big part of the reason why customer service has become such a prominent part of modern day business practice. Well, that and the fact that if a company keeps running through customers, they eventually run out of new ones. So what can you do this next year to be sure that your retention is as high as possible?
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4 New Year's Resolutions for increasing your revenue in 2016

By Casey Fisher on 12/7/2015
New Year's Resolutions are one of the main reasons people look forward to the New Year. Here are some resolutions for your professional development can help you achieve work goals that can get your company further.

Bob Busse Charity Golf Tournament

By Casey Fisher on 11/20/2015
The Bob Busse Memorial Charity Golf Tournament has taken place each year for the last twenty years and we were very excited to be able to participate and donate towards the cause.
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6 Most used on-hold phrases and their effect on your customers.

By Casey Fisher on 10/30/2015

With how fast paced our society is nowadays, consumers spend an astonishing amount of time waiting on hold. As a result, research has been conducted and shown that there are better ways to go about improving your customer's experience instead of using overused phrases and outdated philosophies. However, many companies still use these methods and phrases, so we've decided to compile a short list of them and give you a run-down of how consumers view them, along with some simple solutions to enhance your customers' experiences.

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Are you pushing away your customers by doing this?

By Casey Fisher on 10/30/2015

Did you know that you probably spend over half a day on hold every year? So do your customers - and they are less than thrilled, to say the least. One of the most recent studies on consumers and hold times found that the average consumer spends 13 hours every year sitting on hold. The survey, conducted by ResearchNow and commissioned by text-message service TalkTo, also stated that 85% of consumers report being put on hold every time they call a business.

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