How to Ring in the New Year with Better Customer Retention

By Casey Fisher on 12/14/2015

It's no secret knowledge that companies save copious amounts of money by retaining their current customers instead of replacing them with new ones. That's a big part of the reason why customer service has become such a prominent part of modern day business practice. Well, that and the fact that if a company keeps running through customers, they eventually run out of new ones. So what can you do this next year to be sure that your retention is as high as possible?


Market and Customer Surveys

Knowing what your customers want and need is the best way to keep your retention high. You can use market surveys to find out information about your market's customer base as a whole and to see what is trending industry-wide to help you better manage your own customers. Administering customer surveys gives you intel on your company's customers and specific trends that could be used to increase your retention. Proactively asking and acting upon their words shows them that you care about their thoughts and opinions, and also that you are actively engaged in what they are saying.


Outbound notifications and reminders

Top-of-mind presence is another key factor in retaining your customers. Any time a need arises, you want your company to be the first and only company that they think of. An easy way to do that is to stay present and actively engage your customers. Sending out voice broadcasts are excellent ways to do so.  You can use these alongside marketing efforts to inform your customers of deals and promotions related to the products or services they have received from you.


24 hour customer service

Having 24-hour customer service is a benefit that not many companies use. Often times, it's because the cost of staffing and setting up these provisions seems overwhelming at first glance. Try outsourcing your customer service to an external company that specializes in call center services. By doing so, you eliminate much of the cost of provisioning the services, along with drastically reducing the amount of staffing needed. Our approach to this is ideal because we staff according to your volume, allowing your customers to reach live agents 24/7 without you having to pay for the time in between calls.

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