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When anticipating calls scattered throughout the day, it isn't necessarily cost-effective to keep your call centers fully staffed. Our call centers provide live agents experienced in handling nearly any kind of call across any vertical. From donations and order processing to call routing and event registrations, we can handle every aspect of your live agent needs for a fraction of your cost.

Minimize your customers' hold time

With technology moving faster than ever before, your customers don't have the time to sit on hold for long periods of time. Extended hold times decrease customer satisfaction and retention rates. Our live agents are always there to take the calls that you can't, ultimately driving up your customer service ratings.

Accurate and efficient information capture

Lead generation is only half the battle when it comes to new business. Our live agents are trained to accurately capture and qualify your leads to ensure you are making the most of every call.

In-house resource training

Our agents are all trained by our dedicated in-house professionals. Because of this, we are able to hold our live agents to a higher standard of professionalism that we can guarantee, and ensure the best quality of service for your customers.

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  • Surveys
  • Donations
  • Radio/TV orders
  • Insurance claims