An Icon of a handshake taking place. This signifies teamwork. Toll Free Provisioning

By utilizing our multiple carrier partnership, we are able to provide 800-number service to our customers with some of the best rates on the market. We can also customize your number to meet specific requests, such as using a vanity number or having specific routing paths.

One of the most beloved aspects of our provisioning services is how quick and simple they are to get started with. There are no additional phone lines required, equipment to buy, or long-term agreements to sign; We also provide our customers with no-haggle, competitive flat rates for simple billing. We handle the complete toll free service from start to finish and pair it with our routing services to route calls to any office, cell, or home phone that you request.

Highly competitive pricing

We offer our customers competitive flat per minute rates that are competitive across the industry, without the monthly volume commitment.

No additional phone line or equipment required

We take care of everything for you - all you have to do is pick out a number.

Easy access to online reporting

Provisioning your toll free number is only half of the job. Our provisioning services come with access to our state of the art reporting portal, granting you access to hundreds of customizable charts and graphs to best interpret your data.

Customized IVR application

Give your customers the most efficient experience possible every time they call your line. Our custom IVR applications are designed with your specific needs in mind, saving your business the compounding costs associated with live agents.

Custom routing options

Route your calls based on multiple criteria - including time of day and location, giving you the freedom to receive calls during hours of operation and automatically send them to voicemail or another location after hours.



  • Flat per minute rate with no volume commitments

  • Toll-free vanity number

  • DID number or Local number

  • No annual contract

  • Flexible payment and billing options (credit card)

  • Contact Automation TFN search engine

  • Customized IVR application

  • On-line reporting

Click here or call 877-487-9679 to get more information on our toll-free/vanity number service.