How to Make the Most of your Customer Relationships

By Casey Fisher on 1/11/2016

Every good business person knows that the key to success is keeping your customers happy and repeatedly coming to you with their opportunities. Giving them the option to have their voice heard is the number one way to do that; customers love knowing that their opinions and experiences matter. That's one of the reasons why surveys are so important to businesses. However, it's imperative that they are completed properly to ensure that your customers' time and your money aren't wasted. Here are a few best practices that we have learned through our years of experience distributing surveys:


Target loyal customers

The 80/20 principal states that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers - your loyal ones. Making sure that these customers stay as excited as possible to do business with you is how you can be sure to always win their business. That's why listening to what these customers have to say is of utmost importance.


Use yes/no with recordings or 1-5 ratings for best quality

Having the option for respondents to answer yes or no and record a voice response for elaboration is the best way to see exactly how they feel. However, especially with larger survey groups, it's difficult and often not cost-effective to do this. Instead, give respondents the ability to answer 1-5 for each question to get a response that is still reflective of their opinion, but easier to analyze. Avoid using 1-10 because the 2-digit "10" could confuse your respondents.


Give multiple ways to opt in

Nowadays, people have different opinions for what they consider convenient - and convenience is key when you're administering surveys. Allow your potential respondents the option to choose between multiple platforms (i.e. live agent, IVR, etc.) to ensure the highest number of participants possible.


Make it quick

Remember, your respondents have many other things that they could be doing with their time but they have chosen to set aside a few minutes to take your survey. Although it may ultimately be in their favor, be mindful of their time and make the survey as quick as possible.


Offer immediate gains

Giving immediate compensation (I.e. coupons, discounts, etc.) gives your respondents instant gratification for having spent their time taking your survey. Doing so helps increase the total amount of respondents and their overall happiness to complete surveys for you.


Most importantly, be sure you are able to collect and analyze the data you receive from your surveys as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that you get the most out of your money.


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