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Professional Services

Contact Automation has been creating custom IVR technologies for over a decade. With our experience, we have helped numerous companies - both small and large - achieve the highest level of call automation. Our Professional Services team is dedicated to building content and custom applications geared towards creating superior experiences for your customers. As part of our boutique approach, we thoroughly analyze your customers and campaign goals in order to fully understand the needs of your customers and your business. We are committed to a unique and profitable beginning-to-end experience for you and your customers.

Our professional services are broken into 6 different categories, each having a set of unique benefits to our customers. By breaking them down like this, we are able to create customized, scalable solutions for any business by using any combination of our proven solutions:

Custom Development

Our custom development team works with you to build the best applications tailored directly to your efforts. Whether it is IVR, live agent, voice, or a blend of services, our team can break down every aspect of the application to build a solution with nearly endless possibilities for you. Learn more about our Custom Development.

Professional Voice Recordings

It's no secret that having a robotic voice in your application will quickly deter your callers. That's why we have an extensive network of the industry's best voice professionals at our fingertips. We can custom fit the most appropriate professionals for your applications to maximize ROI. Learn more about our Professional Voice Recordings.


Our reporting portal is a unique real-time reporting tool that allows our customers to access their data from anywhere in the world. State of the art configuration utilities allows for users to generate new and customized visualizations, or to implement modifications to existing charts in record time. Learn more about our Reporting.

Toll Free Provisioning

Interested in an 800- or vanity line for your business? We can handle the complete solution in a fraction of the time and at competitively low flat-rate prices. Our provisioning services require no additional phone lines or equipment, giving you results in minutes. Learn more about our Toll Free Provisioning.

Transcription Services

Some IVR applications require voice data to be recorded. Our transcriptionists are about to convert this recorded data to text and send it to you in any number of formats within 24 hours. Because of our extensive connections, we are able to provide our customers with unmatched quality and reliability. Learn more about our Transcription Services.

Script Development

Our scripting team has been creating engaging and concise scripts for countless different applications for over 10 years. We've broken it down to a science - whether you want increase ROI or heightened customer support or both, we can generate top-notch scripts tailored to your need sets. Learn more about our Script Development.