Using Live Agent and Automated Surveys to Increase your Company's Revenue

By Casey Fisher on 2/22/2016

Understanding your customers is one of the key ways to increase your overall revenue. Whether it's by identifying and eliminating their problems, or by showing them ways that you can help them achieve their own goals, it is always ideal to know your target audience. 


How do you do that? Well, you simply ask them. Distributing surveys allows you to assess your customers' situations, giving you a better overall understanding of where your company can benefit them. You can use this information to target each customer specifically by creating customized pitches, or to find needs that you can fulfill that are consistent throughout multiple customers.


You generally have two options when it comes to distributing the surveys; using live agents, or having an Interactive Voice Response platform built for customers to interact with. Although the first is generally more expensive, it can often times have a much higher completion rate.  (What's the difference between using boutique call centers and large call centers for live agent surveys? Find out here.)


Successfully gathering the wants and needs of your customers is extremely important, but it's only half the battle. Understanding how to best compile and analyze the responses is how your company reaps the most benefit. That's why it's so important to be sure that your analytics are as customizable as possible.


Real-time delivery gives your company the ability to pull statistics and generate prime reports at any time. Being able to customize and implement modifications to existing charts gives you the flexibility of using the same data to solve for multiple parameters. Blending these two together is the key to generating the most accurate and useful Intel into finding next steps for your business.