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We work with some of the best professional voice talents in the industry to provide unbeatable voice recordings. Our voice talents currently provide support for approximately 34 different languages and dialects in over 20 countries. We spend time understanding who you're targeting in order to best determine which of our many personas meets the specific requirements of each individual project. With our state-of-the-art software and technologies, we can create the right voice file in multiple formats to meet your specific requirements while maximizing quality of the recording.


Deliver superior voice recordings

Our partners consist of some of the most experienced and proficient voice talents in the industry. With numerous male and female personas to choose from, we can create the ideal recording tailored to your project's needs.

Build better end-user experiences with music

Music is proven to improve your customers' experiences. We can provide you with numerous on hold audio files that work directly with your Call Center PBX or ACD system so you can give your customers heightened experiences. You may also choose to enhance your voice talent recordings with background music.

Increased versatility

Our state-of-the-art technology gives you the ability to receive your recordings in nearly any format for unmatched usability.

Global reach

International recordings are our forte. We have access to some of the most diverse talent out there. With the ability to record in more than 30 languages in over 20 countries, we can help you with your customers from across the globe. *International languages are priced on a per-word basis and are contingent upon an approved script.


  • Custom recording projects - conversion, digitizing, file clean up, etc.
  • Quick turnaround for voice projects
  • Translation services for multiple language projects

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