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Product recalls are one of the most time consuming and expensive costs a company can incur. They can affect nearly every aspect of your business including sales, supply chains, customer satisfaction, and brand image. Unless your business has highly efficient plans and a system in place to dilute the impact, your brand could be severely and irreparably damaged in the blink of an eye.


To prevent this, we've created specific recall services that allow the complete project to be handled quickly, effectively, and through multiple avenues in order to ensure the highest response rate in the shortest amount of time from your customers. Our complete service consists of multiple phases that can incorporate inbound IVR, outbound IVR, e-mail support, and live agent services, in order to be sure that your customers are being reached as quickly as possible without disturbing business as usual. Our rapid, highly scalable services allow for the most efficient recalls for businesses of any size. 


  • All Recall data is stored in our databases and reports are provided during all phases of the Recall efforts. 
  • Reporting is customized to meet your specific recall requirements.  
  • All data is also available real-time via the CA web-based reporting system. 


With our recall services we will help you determine whether or not your product has reached a location and if it is impacted or not.  We will help you determine the number of impacted products and all specific reporting data required to handle the impacted locations.  Utilizing our blended IVR and Live Agents services we will assist with the recall efforts. A customizable IVR application will be developed for outbound broadcast of all potentially impacted locations.  An inbound IVR application will also be developed to allow your locations or customers to report recall related information 24/7.  E-mail support will be provided throughout the recall to handle all relevant email inquiries.  The final stage of the recall is to use our Live Agent Outbound services to call each location that has not reported recall status. Reporting is provided throughout all stages to allow for product pickup or communication of proper disposal. 


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