Interactive Voice Response


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Interactive Voice Response

Today and every day, our hosted Interactive Voice Response services enable all kinds of telephone interactions to be made more efficient in today's fast-moving society. Our wealth of customizable solutions are all built on a mission-critical environment that provide the latest and greatest in call automation technologies.

With our extensive library of resources, we can handle the complete life cycle of your automation needs, from complex call routing to custom application development and automating transactions. Our years of experience in the industry have also given us a boutique approach which allows us to cater more specifically to your individual needs then any of the big guys.

Minimize burden on customer service resources

Balance requests, surveys, and hours of operation are some of the many simple tasks customer service representatives deal with multiple times a day. Our hosted IVR services can eliminate these conversations, leading your customers right to the information they want while saving your company's resources.

Empower customers 24/7

Lower your total cost and increase satisfaction by allowing your customers to take control and solve problems before enlisting the help of your agents.

Reduced upfront cost

We handle the complete life cycle of your automation needs, from complex call routing, custom application development, to automating transactions. With our suite, there is no software or hardware to buy or install, reducing your initial investment.

Handle 1000s of simultaneous calls

We have the ability to handle spikes in volume better than most of the best-known companies. Our large distributed platform allows us to adapt efficiently to every surge. Because of our unique system, we are also able to swiftly increase the amount of lines available for any project as needed.

Blended answering service

Creating a streamlined and customer friendly answering service is the focal point of our blended answering service. We seamlessly combine the efficiency and accuracy of our Interactive Voice Response solution with the ability to soft transfer to a live agent to make sure that all callers receive their ideal experience.

IVR Sample Applications

  • Store Locator
  • ATM, Branch Locator
  • Dealer/Service Locator
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Survey
  • Medical Survey
  • Sales & Service Survey
  • Restaurant Survey
  • Automated Informational Lines
  • Automated Medical Informational Lines
  • Telephone Banking
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Class Action Lawsuit
  • Payment Processing Application (credit card, ACH, etc.)
  • Automated PIN Reset
  • Direct Response
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voice Mail
  • Payment Reminder
  • Sweepstakes or Promotional Applications
  • Marketing Applications
  • Automated Inventory
  • Catalogue Order
  • Donation Line
  • Self Service Lines
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Lead Capture/Gen
  • Inventory/Shipment Status
  • Fax on Demand Applications
  • Emergency Notification
  • Trouble Ticket or Problem Reporting
  • Change of Address
  • Subscription Line
  • Location and Hours of Operation
  • TV or Radio Applications
  • Credit Card Activation/Verification
  • Movie Times and Information
  • Stock Prices/Trades
  • Voting Automated Applications (Reality Shows)
  • 800 Call Answering Service
  • Call Routing
  • Ministry Applications

With our suite of applications there is no software or hardware to buy or install. We handle the complete project from start to finish!

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